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Fractional Laser

sublative fractional rejuvenation provides noticeable results

Prestige Cosmetic Clinic in Calgary offers sublative skin treatment using RF sublation - fractionated bipolar radio frequency (RF) technology. Heat energy is effectively placed into the dermis where it can produce significant dermal impact with minimal epidermal disruption. Sublative technology is precisely directed to the skin causing high dermal impact, yet low epidermal disruption for all skin types to produce new collagen and healthy skin cells. In other words, this treatment works from the inside out, stimulating cell regrowth. Unlike many other non-sublative treatments, your skin rejuvenation will last longer and can be further enhanced with maintenance treatments.

Post procedure there is minimal downtime for the patient, and this treatment has proven efficacy. The result: a clinically proven treatment to help remedy acne scars and stretch marks while reducing mild to moderate wrinkles in addition to improving superficial skin discolourations.

Benefits of Fractional Laser

Sublative Fractional rejuvenation provides noticeable improvement for:

  • Stretch marks
  • Acne scars
  • Mild to moderate wrinkles
  • Superficial skin discolouration
  • Reduction in skin pore size
  • Skin tone and texture

Because this Sublative technology has minimal epidermal disruption, compared to other similar aggressive treatments, patients will have a more comfortable treatment, with less downtime and see measurable results.

This advanced cosmetic procedure is available at Prestige Organic Aesthetic Spa in Calgary.

Comparing Traditional Fractional Laser to RF Sublation

conventional Fractional resurfacing

Sublative Rejuvenation

Traditional Fractional Skin Resurfacing (left) significantly impacts the epidermal causing considerable discomfort.
By utilizing RF sublation (right) - fractionated bipolar radio frequency technology—heat energy is effectively placed into the dermis where it can produce significant dermal impact with minimal epidermal disruption.

Reduction Of Stretch Marks

stretch marks can be reduced with RF Sublative Fractional energy

Stretch marks are a common skin disorder and over the years it has been very difficult to treat. Stretch marks affect 95% of women occuring during pregnancy or puberty, and it may surprise you to learn men and children can also have this skin disorder. Stretch marks or striae, bands or lines of skin, are caused by rapid growth or after substantial weight gain which results in damage to the connective tissue in the dermis.

After treatment using RF Sublative Fractional energy the width, depth and colour of striae is greatly reduced with visible, noticeable improvement shown after just a few treatments.

Excellent Treatment For Acne

Acne affects up to 85% of adolescents and young adults and 5% of adults, with many patients left with permanent and visible scars. Many acne treatments are ablative (removal or destruction of skin) that may include risky side effects and long recovery times. Patients undergoing acne therapy using RF Sublative Fractional energy will enjoy a more comfortable treatment with minimal side effects and no downtime. After treatment acne scars are greatly reduced.

During The Procedure

During the treatment the hand-held device is directed onto the target area receiving energy pulses that feel like a warm snapping or slight stinging sensation. The sensations are best described as unpleasant yet tolerable, but not painful, unlike other aggressive fractional treatments. Topical anesthetic ointments and cooling can be used to reduce unpleasant sensations during treatment. After the procedure patients may feel like their skin has a slight sunburn.

This treatment is available for all skin types and has very little downtime afterwards.

Number Of Treatments

Most patients will see a gradual but noticeable result throughout the entire skin treatment program. Multiple sessions are most likely required to see visible results, typically 2-5 treatments over 3 or 4 weeks produces measurable results. The total number of treatments may vary depending on skin type and other factors which will be discussed during the first consultation.

Expected Results

Patients will begin to see results after the first treatment and they will continue to improve up to one year post treatment. Because this treatment works to rebuild collagen, there are no limitations on how long the results last. Skin will be significantly smoother and skin disorders are much improved. Maintenance treatments are recommended post one year to maintain and further enhance current results.

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